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Tutorial for influencers

Create offers on “your offers” tab:

Create offers
  1. Picture: Choose a simple image that best illustrates your offer.

  2. Name: keep it short and catchy.

  3. Description: Include a clear explanation of what you will deliver. Be specific so your followers don’t feel like their expectations haven’t been met.

  4. In-app vs Credit card: In-app purchases have a 30% extra fee charged by Apple/Google, but In-app makes the purchase easy and impulsive which drives sales. We suggest using In-app for low-priced services (<$15) and a credit card for more expensive ones (≥$15).

  5. Price: When you start a new service, don’t price it too high. If the demand is high, you can always increase the price later.

  6. Quantity/Expiration date: This will help you manage the volume of your offers so you can answer all your customers without being overwhelmed. Remember, scarcity drives demand.

  7. Starting message: Welcome the customer and request information upfront so you can quickly and adequately address their request.

  8. Starting file (optional): Automatically send a file to the customer as soon as they buy your service.

Create an offer on one2one

Be successful!

  • one2one allows for genuine interactions with your fans. Take advantage of it to help your business.

  • You can initiate a video call but try to synchronize with your customer to allow them an opportunity to answer. Calls are limited to 30 minutes. 

  • Remember to provide the deliverable that you described in your offer before closing the chat. 

  • Send a wrap-up message when closing a chat; you won’t be able to write anything afterwards.

  • Your fans are your customers: be mindful of their requests and personalize your messaging.

Be successful!

Make more revenue!

  • Use your other social media accounts to advertise your one2one services. Guide your fans to your one2one page with your personal link (which is found in your profile).

  • Consider offering multiple services at a range of prices. When a customer is happy with a low-priced service, they are more likely to buy a higher-priced one later on.

  • Use your newsfeed to advertise new offers: play with the scarcity and deadline to get faster buy-in. For example: “Tonight only! I will answer the first 10 questions from my best fans!

  • Engage your best customers with a free chat (initiate it in the ‘Statistics’ tab).

  • Remind your fans to repost your one2one link on their social media pages.

Make more revenue!

For more information connect to our zendesk​ or
read our complete user guide

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