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one2one: meet your idols!  

Buy quality time with influencers!


Influencers and experts use one2one to offer you personalized services such as advice, exclusive content, and coaching of any kind.

one2one is free to install and easy to use:

  • no advertisement on the app

  • no data tracking

  • none of the annoying aspects of social media

It is you and your favorite influencers only!

Find your influencer

  • Find your favorite influencers with their username

  • Click on their picture to see the different services offered

  • Buy one of their services

  • Start chatting with your influencer or have a video call! 

Stay in touch 


You can subscribe to the newsfeed of the influencer. This is the best way to be in touch with your favorite influencers.

No filter, no ad: a direct connection! 


Download it now for free to get started


For any question, visit our zendesk!

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